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13 Dec 2000

13 December, 2000

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Dear Sirs,

Re: Gold Mines of Sardinia Limited-Changes in the Board

Gold Mines of Sardinia Limited ("the Company") wishes to announce the following changes to the companies board of directors:

    1. Mr Vittorio Gori has resigned as a director of the Company. Mr Gori, who resides in Italy, will remain as a non executive director of the Company’s Italian operating subsidiary, Sardinia Gold Mines SpA. As a director of Sardinia Gold Mines SpA it is expected that Mr Gori will be actively involved in the Company’s gold mining and exploration activities in Sardinia.
    2. Following a request by a major shareholder for the Company to requisition a general meeting for the removal of Mr Peter Hambro as a director of the Company, Mr. Hambro and Mr Rudolf Agnew have both resigned as directors of the Company. Their decision to resign was precipitated by a difference of opinion with major shareholders and other board members regarding the future direction of the Company.

It is anticipated that the Company will announce the appointment of a new chairman to replace Mr Hambro in the near future.

For further information please contact Mr. John Morris at the numbers listed below.

Yours faithfully,

Gold Mines of Sardinia Limited
Jeannette P Smith
Company secretary

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